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Freestyle Gym

Get access to Freestyle Sessions at Ninja Academy.

Freestyle sessions are a great chance for you to come down and try out the various areas at Ninja Academy. These sessions are unstructured, so you’re free to play around on whatever takes your fancy. If it’s your first time to our facility, don’t worry – you’ll be given a brief safety induction to ensure you know how to use everything safely.

For just $25 you get access to our unique facility for 3 hours of fun.

Freestyle sessions run on Tuesday/Thursday nights from 6-9pm, and on Saturday/Sunday from 3-6pm.
Please use our schedule to book into the session before you come down.

If you want to check the various areas we have to offer, check out our facility page!

NOTE - You must be at least 16 years old to attend a Freestyle session - and make sure you bring shoes!