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VIVOBAREFOOT now available at Ninja Academy!

Written by Dave

Ninjas of Perth,

After a lengthy process, we’re happy to announce that Ninja Academy will now be able to offer our members and the general public VIVOBAREFOOT shoes!

Vivo Product Shot (IMG_8264)


VIVOBAREFOOT as a company believes that less is more when it comes to footwear and their products reflect this through minimal cushioning, wide toeboxes to allow the toes to splay naturally and a ridiculously flexible, puncture resistant and flat sole with no bulky heel throwing off your body’s natural posture.

Even better, VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are made with a focus on environmental sustainability and ethical means of production.


While VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are primarily designed for running, they possess the perfect attributes for a ninja shoe.

Vivo Shoe (IMG_8272)


VIVOBAREFOOT offers a range of amazing products that Ninja Academy can offer its members, but the core shoe at Ninja Academy will be the VIVOBAREFOOT Motus.

As the first VIVOBAREFOOT shoe designed specifically for movement, the Motus is just as functional on the Ninja Challenge course, the Climbing Cave, in the Parkour Park or good-old fashioned running.

With a slightly thicker sole than VIVOBAREFOOT running shoes, the Motus is also an ideal introductory shoe for people transitioning to barefoot shoes from conventional sneakers most people grew up wearing.

Given its high level of versatility and functional attributes, the VIVOBAREFOOT Motus offers the most value to our members and will be the first shoe to have a full sizing run available at Ninja Academy so our ninjas can get just the right fit before they order a pair.

Warped Wall Product Shot (IMG_8285)


As above, Ninja Academy will provide a sizing run of the VIVOBAREFOOT Motus for people to try on and determine their ideal size*.

However, Ninja Academy will be able to order in any VIVOBAREFOOT products that are in stock, including running or lifestyle shoes**.

Once the decision to purchase a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes has been made you just need to follow these steps to start your barefoot journey:

  1. Tell the staff the details of your order, including size, colour, style and quantity.
  2. If you haven’t already, provide the staff with your payment details.
  3. The staff member will check if your order is in stock and will place the order if the items are available – if the items are out of stock, Ninja Academy will contact you to discuss changing or cancelling your order.
  4. The order will be charged to your Ninja Academy account and you will be emailed a receipt.
  5. You will be notified when your order has been delivered to Ninja Academy and you can pick it up the next time you visit the facility.

*Please note, people will be asked to wear socks when trying on shoes and are asked to do so at the beginning of their workout.
**While the sizing run of VIVOBAREFOOT Motus will help, some VIVOBAREFOOT shoes differ in fit and Ninja Academy does not provide refunds or returns on shoes that do not fit.


As our way of showing our appreciation for the people in our community, we are offering free shipping for all members. In addition, to reward those who have gone the extra mile to make our community what it is Ninja Academy members on a Basic membership level or higher will enjoy the following discounts off the RRP on all VIVOBAREFOOT products ordered through Ninja Academy:

Please note that discounts on VIVOBAREFOOT products will only be based on the CURRENT membership level, not future or past levels.


For any questions on VIVOBAREFOOT products, the sales process or shoe recommendations, contact our resident barefoot shoes addict Mark via

All the best,

The Ninja Academy team.