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Australian Ninja Warrior – Casting

Written by Dave

This is it folks, the moment of truth is upon us.  Australian Ninja Warrior has finally arrived!

Being massive fans of the Japanese and subsequent TV series, the inclusion of a Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course was a must have when building Ninja Academy.

We went to a lot of effort trying to explain the concept to people in Australia, working tirelessly to turn our vision into a reality.  On 1 November 2015 we opened the doors to Australia’s first real Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course, easily dwarfing anything else in the country in both size and similarity to the TV series.

Now, less than a year later, the moment we anticipated almost 2 years ago has arrived and Channel 9 has announced that they will be bringing Australian Ninja Warrior to our shores.

Members of, and visitors to, Ninja Academy are in a unique position to train specifically for the TV show.

Not only do we have a 4.5m high warped wall, a double salmon ladder, the running steps, spider walk, and many other obstacles based on other Ninja Warrior courses that are likely to pop up in Australian Ninja Warrior, but we also teach an approach to movement training that will help prepare you to take on those very obstacles.

Nowhere else in Australia can you combine quality fitness training with Australian Ninja Warrior specific obstacle training like you can at Ninja Academy.

Australian Ninja Warrior is set to record later this year, with applications closing on September 9, 2016.

All of the casting details can be found >>HERE<<

Good luck to everyone who applies for the show – hopefully a few of our members can get through and show their stuff on the big stage!

Check out our Getting Started page for details on how you can start your own Ninja journey at Ninja Academy.