2018 Clothing Range - Ninja Academy

2018 Clothing Range

Fresh Threads Inbound

At Ninja Academy we try and keep things fresh while still staying true to our purpose.

Enter our new tees.

Inspire Tee

You might not think of yourself as an inspiration, but the truth is our actions have a (sometimes profound) impact on those around us – whether it’s your friends, work colleagues, or you kids – people notice when you take positive steps to improve your life, and often times it inspires them to follow suit.

It can be scary to take those steps into the unknown and take on big challenges in life – fear can so often hold us back.

Ninja Academy founder, Dave Ravi, believes that if we can overcome that fear, we will unlock potential hidden within us.  That’s why he came up with the mantra:

“Fear Less. Be More.”

This simple mantra rings true to many Ninja Academy members, and if it doesn’t resonate with you right now, wait until you overcome your first fear – be it climbing to the top of the bouldering wall, making it up the warped wall, or just getting comfortable upside down – the feeling you get is incredible.

The new tee design aims to remind you, and those who look up to you, that more often than not what we want is on the other side of fear.  If we can fear less, we open ourselves up to be more of our incredible, authentic selves.

Hero Tee

If you’ve ever conquered one of our obstacles, especially one you’re been working on for a while now (*cough* 4.5m warped wall *cough*) then you’ll understand that feeling you get when it’s done.

You feel invincible, like a real life superhero.

That’s why we came up with this simple design for both adults and kids to unleash their inner hero.

Be proud of your accomplishments, your efforts, and your community.  Wear it as a badge of honour like our favourite comic book hero (Spiderman).



We haven’t forgotten our little Ninjas!  For the first time ever we will be printing the Hero tee in kids sizes too.


The new shirts are now available for pre-order:

Mens/Womens: $45
Kids: $35

You can purchase you shirts online now:


Pre-order ends on 5 October 2018, so make sure you get in quick!


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