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Luke Linthorne

Early in Luke’s working career, he was completing an apprenticeship as cabinet maker in the construction industry, while also training full time in mixed martial arts. It was this training that helped Luke discover his passion for helping people to be the best that they could be through health and fitness coaching, which he has done since 2012.

Although he was learning different aspects and disciplines of training with mixed martial arts, he sustained many injuries and suffered from chronic pain. This led him to the decision to learn more about movement to develop a better understanding of body awareness, beginning his training in movement under Ninja Academy coach Jake Lalich in 2013.

It wasn’t long before Luke was hooked on the feeling of moving better and knew right away the difference it had made in his life, and could make in the lives of others. He has the vast knowledge necessary to cater for all ages and ability levels, no matter the goals people have and has experience running a series of highly successful boot-camps. In addition to his focus on movement and well-being, Luke helps develop a positive mindset to support them making profound differences to their lives.

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