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Glenn Robson

Glenn Robson was drawn to the fitness game in 2010 by a strong love of teaching and exploring movement mixed with the firm desire to find happiness in his work. Having built on his 2006 Bachelor of Sport Science with various qualifications in club weightlifting, kettlebell work and personal training, Glenn has a wealth of knowledge stored behind that ever-increasing forehead, which he is set on imparting upon the Ninja Academy faithful.

A stickler for technique and a passionate advocate of performance rather than aesthetic goals, Glenn’s biggest strength is his belief in a positive mindset and a holistic approach to training which helps people develop their understanding of movement. This is underpinned by Glenn’s belief that the body and mind are vehicles to experience the world, which makes him one of the most persistent coaches clients are likely to encounter.

Glenn will always strive to get the best out of people and refuses to let them quit, whether through his vast patience or the use of obscure analogies to get his point across.

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