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Kids Parkour

Parkour classes teach people essential skills like jumping, running, landing, climbing, and rolling.

The purpose of Parkour is to ensure participants are able to train safely in any environment, while exploring the limits of their physical and mental capacity.

Parkour is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best practitioners in Australia in a purpose built parkour facility.


The kids classes are run as a “term” roughly lined up with the school terms.
Full term bookings are available until Week 1 of class, then a casual drop in option will open up – if there are any spaces left.

The classes have been very popular and there are only a couple of spots left in each age group.
Once the class is full we unfortunately won’t be able to accept any new students until next term.

The kids classes are split into two age groups:

Classes run on Mondays and Fridays


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Perth Parkour

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